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Clearflo RO Purifier Economic Model

Economic model

Item Details

  • Process: This economic model RO has 5 stage purification.
  • Primary Filtration: Inlet from T joint in your water tap, water enters into five micron Cartridge which removes physical particles in water. Second stage of filtration process in activated carbon filter which removes bad odour and colour then as third stage fine micron cartridge (One micron) which removes micro impurities.
  • Principle Filtration: As fourth stage of filtration water filtered by membrane with help of high-pressure pump (for osmotic pressure) which removes excess of minerals from water and same send through reject pipe line.
  • Post filtration: Final stage of filtration post carbon helps to ensure the filtrated water and makes more purification.
  • Suitable for: Bore water, metro water, municipal water, lorry water and well water.
  • Placeholder: Counter top and wall mounted

Product Details

# Types Specification
1 Flow Rate 10 Litres/Hour
2 Tank Capacity 9 Litres
3 Power Consumption 48 Watts
4 Dimension 455 X 342 X 342 in mm (H x L x B)
5 Weight 10Kg
6 Filtration Stages 5 Stages (Sediment Cartridge 5 micron,pre carbon cartridge,ultra fine cartridge,post carbon cartridge,membrane)
7 System Fully automatic

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