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RO water purifier in Chennai

RO Purifier in Chennai

RO water purifier Chennai, Reverse Osmosis water systems combine standard sediment and carbon filtration with mechanical separation via advanced membrane technology, to create highly effective water treatment at the point-of-use. First it is pre-filtered, then refined under pressure and separated by size... the good water is stored for use and the rinse water goes down the drain. But indeed... we know that good taste is just, not enough to rely upon.

As supplier, each of our technicians are equipped with a portable water quality test monitor which compares the level of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in your municipal feed water to the RO system's product water. This measurement in "parts per million" or PPM accurately indicates RO membrane performance and verifies the output water quality. This simple conductivity test supplies integrity and credibility to your system's overall effectiveness... thus insuring a job well done.

Clearflo technologies RO water purifier Installations come with a complete and full 1-YEAR WARRANTY and a Money Back Guarantee. Most RO water purifier and other drinking water filtration systems are backed by a limited one year "factory warranty", but we go further. As a matter of fact... as a RO water purifier in Chennai, local services company we can stand behind you year after year, in the event of any faulty parts, workmanship or materials in a way that most manufacturers just can't do.

Many water filter manufacturers suggest that pre and post filters should be changed during regular services every 6 months but many Chennai and South India residents will find their interval to be closer to a year. Services schedules will vary from city to city and from street to street, depending upon the age of the building, the condition of its pipes and plumbing and then how much the equipment is used and finally the inbound water quality.

Economic Model

Economic Model

Ro With UV

Star RO+UV

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted

30 LPH

50 LPH


If you have water test report and sure about required treatments, you get proposal from us. Don’t worry our prices are very competitive.

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