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About Us

About our company

Clearflo Technologies is a professional water treatment company formed by a team of water analysts and technical water experts having a combined experience of over 30 years. The company has thorough expertise in water treatment and has a wide range of products and solutions catering to residential, industrial and commercial segments.We have a team of professionals with thorough expertise in biotechnology, chemical engineering, wastewater design and advanced water engineering solutions. We offer all types of water and wastewater management solution needs of customers of all sizes and types.

What separates Clearflo is the rest that commits to provide customers with best possible products and solutions.Instead of blindly processing the customers’ orders, the company makes the thorough analysis of the source water before recommending products. Then the most suitable product will be identified and presented. For instance, a customer with source water having high iron content will be advised to buy RO system with iron remover, though the customer may have ordered an RO unit. All the products of Clearflo manufactured in strict conformity to prevailing environment regulations, thus we share your concerns regarding environmental protection.Clearflo has a team of experienced professionals in all its spheres of activities viz. sales, service, customer care and after-sales service. Thus you can be sure of quick and fitting solutions to all your needs.

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