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Water treatment plant Chennai

Water treatment plant Chennai

Water treatment plant Chennai, Clearflo technologies we are leading names in offering highly functional for home. These units are made available in two basic types -

  • Point of entry (POE) devices
  • Point of use (POU) devices


  • Computerized, automatic backwashing of unit
  • Fully assembled at factory
  • Installation time minimum
  • Easy operation
  • Minimum usage of chemicals

POE involves products like water softeners and water filters that help in removing minerals as calcium and manganese causing hardness in water or in sediment build up from incoming water source. Further, the POU involves products like under-sink water filtration including reverse osmosis solutions that assist in effective removal of hard water minerals as well as harmful contaminants like arsenic, sulphate, chlorine, sediments and more from water. Advantage - Point of Entry Systems water treatment plant Chennai.

These utilize water softeners and filter systems and Water treatment plant offer following benefits:

  • Effective removal of minerals that cause hard water including more iron content
  • Uses less detergent and maintaining the whiteness appeal of clothes
  • Reducing harshness effect on fabrics and skins
  • Improving rinsing performance as well as making things easier to clean
  • Removes sediment from incoming water source
  • Prolonging life of appliances and pipes
  • Helps water heaters work more efficiently

Advantage - Point of Use Systems in water treatment plant

These utilize products like under sink water RO filtration and Water treatment plant provide benefits in the following way:

  • Removing harmful contaminants like lead, sulphate, arsenic, chlorine, sediment and more
  • Dispensing healthy, clean water
  • Removing odours from water

Why Water treatment plant at Homes

Filtering/treating water at homes provides numerous benefits. These include:

Water treatment plant

1 Drinking Water Aids in providing bottle-quality, crystal--clear water from taps
2 Kitchens Enhancing food and beverages flavours prepared using the water
3 Bath Reducing harshness on skin, making it feels soft and silky
4 Laundry Makes clothes feel soft and last longer
5 Appliances Improve efficiency of appliances like water heaters, washing machines
6 Economical Offers better cost-saving alternative to market available options
7 Smartness Needs no regular maintenance and is tested & certified for delivering long lasting services

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