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Metro water purifier Chennai

Metro water purifier Chennai

Problem with metro water? Here we are!

We are providing solutions of metro water purifier chennai for Commercial, and Industrial RO, UV, Water Treatment Plant, Purifier and Filters at a surprisingly low cost.

Water has the capacity to cleanse itself. Contaminants are removed from water during biological processes. When water settles onto the ground, ground layers will cause filtration to occur.

Contaminants are broken down, or will stay behind in the ground layer. The self-cleansing capacity of water is not strong enough to produce clean drinking water. This is a consequence of the quantity and variety of industrial and agricultural contaminants that have entered surface and groundwater for many decades.

In the 1970’s it was discovered that industrial discharges and waste water discharges were the cause of water contamination. Immediately after this discovery measures were taken to prevent water pollution. Waste water must meet legal standard before it can be discharged. To meet the standards water is purified before it is discharged.

Despite of these measures water often still needs treatment before it is suitable for use as drinking water.

During water purification waste water is treated to become drinking water which meets legal standards in the physical, bacteriological and chemical area. The water may not contain an odour or flavour, and it should be bright and chemically stable (non-corrosive).

The kind of treatment water needs, strongly depends upon the composition and quality of the water. Water treatment contains two process steps: physical removal of solid particles, mainly minerals and organic matter and chemical disinfection; killing or deactivating microorganismss in Our Reverse Osmosis Plants are equipped and suitable for metro water purifier with:

  • Pre micron filter
  • High pressure pump
  • Wet panel with flow indicators and pressure gauges
  • Electrical control panel with TDS meter pressure switch
  • Stainless steel pressure tubes with membranes
  • Electrically driven solenoid valve, pressure regulator valve, stainless steel frame etc.

Metro water purifier, Reverse Osmosis Plants have been tested to be suitable for reduction of total dissolved solids in water by subjecting them to separation using a semi-permeable membrane under pressure.

We have a fabulous range of:

  • Domestic metro water purifier
  • RO Membrane
  • Pump for metro water purifier
  • Inline Cartridge
  • UF Membrane for metro water purifier
  • RO Parts and Accessories
  • Industrial RO 50-50,000 lph
  • Hot and cold dispenser
  • TDS Meter etc,.

The salient features of the plant which make them extremely compatible with the industry needs are:

  • Low operating cost for metro water purifier
  • Highly efficient design
  • Effective semi permeable membranes with long durability
  • Lesser space for installation of metro water purifier
  • Easy maintenance of metro water purifier
  • Water free from BOD, TSS or any kind of microorganisms
  • Low power consumption etc,

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