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RO services Chennai

RO services Chennai

CFT is providing RO Sales & Services Chennai, Fouling in RO systems is often caused by a build-up of organic compounds such as tannins and lignins (dissolved leaves) or supersaturated salts, usually calcium carbonate. Membrane fouling by these contaminants can be treated by dissolving the fouling materials; this can be done by elevating the pH which can break apart organic pollutants and lift debris from the element, or by dropping the pH in dissolving scale deposits.

The membranes can usually be cleaned successfully on-site, without removal from the RO. But, what do you do when the fouling in your RO system caused by inert clay and dirt so better it can pass through a 1-micron filter and so plentiful that it could fill a 20' x 20' room?

In Reverse Osmosis services, Attempts were made to clean the red clay using the same methods as those used to remove organic compounds, but with limited success. With conventional methods failing at every turn, unconventional ways had to take into consideration. Replacing the 180 membranes would be expensive, especially if the situation persisted.

The plant decided to turn to Clearflo Technologies RO Services has RO cleaning station. The RO station is unique in the industry, utilising a variable frequency drive (VD), along with complicated valve and control schemes, which allow water to flow through the membrane in either direction, adjusting the pressure over a wide range to achieve the best results. Layers, by design, let water to flow in a single direction.

Reversing the water flow can provide enough force to kick a majority of the debris free from the membrane, something that is impossible to do on-site, and in other off-line cleaning systems. Finally, the Clearflo Technologies has membrane cleaning station can test the performance of each cleaned membrane at actual operational flux rates, to ensure that the layer meets industry specifications before being sent back to the customer RO services in Chennai.

On its very first test run, the RO services station proved successful. The red clay silt successfully removed from a substantial number of membranes. The performance verified, and the layers were sent back to our customer, ready to reinstall.

The Clearflo Technologies is the newest and most sophisticated cleaning system in the industry. It was designed and built by our engineering group using knowledge gained from extensive experience with our customer's reverse osmosis applications.

RO services, Not every plant will need to clean membranes. However, considering the critical nature of a properly functioning water treatment plant, and the cost of replacing layers, it's good to have the option of enhanced cleaning when needed RO services Chennai.

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