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Exploring the water purity

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Water - Saving and processing waters

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Clearflo - Best choice of your water needs

RO water purifiers
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we pure it!

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RO water purifiers
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Clearflo Technologies


RO water purifiers RO water purifiers RO water purifiers RO water purifiers

Water Treatments

30 Years experienced

Services in water treatment industry

Expertise in water

With wide range of products and solutions

Customer centric

Commitment with best possible solutions

World Class

RO Water Purifiers and Water Treatments

Water Quality

Let us have opportunity to analyse your water characteristics in different form of physical, chemical and biological for suitable water treatment.

Drinking Purpose

A tremendous time and technology has expended to make water to drink. We will make it through many processes before it reaches in your tap with RO Water Purifiers.

General Purpose

The treatment of water source varies from areas, and even from well to well within a city depending on contaminants in the water. We will ensure it to use for general purpose.

Contaminations in water

Life and quality of clothes and washing machine will be reduced, when bathing you hair may looks dull, lifeless and difficult to manage, for dishwashing nuisance to clean and reduce the quality of your crockery.
Concentrations of iron as low as 0.3 mg/L will leave reddish brown stains on fixtures, tableware and laundry that are very hard to remove. When these deposits break loose from water piping, rusty water will flow through the faucet.
Collection of rain water has store and filtered with chlorination and distributing to our storage tanks, you can find the red worms in your storage tank even in your taps also. It will lead itching problem, smells in your clothes and crockery items.
Garage or a maintenance shed, then any chemicals or leakages from sewage pipe lines from those areas may seep into the soil and into your well water. Ultimately you might use unsafe and contaminate water.
You cannot trust the quality of lorry water where they are collecting and we can not test the water each and every load of water. This may lead unpredictable disease to our body and we cannot find the reasons of the unsafe water

About Our Company

RO water purifiers

Are sure about your water? Then check your budget with us

If you have water test report and sure about required treatments, you get proposal from us. Don’t worry our prices are very competitive.

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