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Kelvinator Water purifier

Kelvinator water purifier

Kelvinator was founded in 1914 in Detroit, Michigan by engineer Nathaniel B. Wales, who, along with several partners, developed the first mechanical refrigerator for homes to be marketed under the name of "Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company".

Almost immediately, the company’s name was changed to "Kelvinator Company" in honor of the British physicist, Lord Kelvin, who discovered the absolute temperature scale measured in kelvins.

Since then, Kelvinator has been credited with the introduction of many "new technologies" such as the first self-contained unit with cooling system, the compressor and condenser in one unit (1925) and the world’s first two-door household refrigerator (1934). The innovation continued with products such as the first auto-defrost refrigerator as well as room air conditioners.

THE Kelvinator Water purifier advantages

  • Kelvinator water purifier is nearly a 100-year old US Brand respected and trusted around the world.
  • Kelvinator water purifier is part of AB Electrolux, a leading multinational company with a turnover of over 15 billion USD.
  • Kelvinator water purifier and range of products is presently available in several countries.
  • Kelvinator water purifier and Kelvinator has been credited with introducing many innovations in the home appliances segment.
  • Kelvinator water purifier and Kelvinator products conform to stringent international quality standards.
  • Kelvinator products are trusted by millions of families across the globe.
  • Kelvinator water purifier have been certified by many laboratories of international acclaim.
  • Kelvinator water purifier use a unique USEPA-approved and patented hyper purification technology enabled by MICROSHIELD feature to give a 48-hour extended purity cover to the water. First time in India.
  • Kelvinator Ayoni RO water purifier comes with a fully detachable large and transparent storage tank.
  • Kelvinator Ayoni RO water purifier is a fully imported product and is manufactured by an Electrolux-approved factory.
  • Kelvinator water purifier designs products with the end-consumer in mind and therefore devotes a great deal of time and efforts to research their needs and wants. The result is products which are not only aesthetically appealing but also more safe, reliable and user-friendly.

    With close to 100 years of rich heritage and millions of customers, Kelvinator is a leading brand in several countries.

    Serving the Indian market in the home appliances segment for several decades now, Kelvinator water purifier believes in maintaining and strengthening its brand legacy by delivering world class technology that translates into cutting-edge products that become an integral part of your life. This belief has helped Kelvinator evolve into a widely accepted household brand worldwide.

    These Kelvinator water purifier have been designed specifically for Indian water conditions with thoughtful and never-before features to protect our customers from dangerous and sometimes fatal water-borne diseases.

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